How to RR correctly!
One of the greatest challenges in RRs, is roping the way the mapmaker intended. Even though arrows as big as my head point in the right direction, some people simply get lost in the maze that is the RR map
First up on my personal agenda, when racing on an unknown map, is looking at the map! Revolutionary, isn't it? This will avoid having to look for the start and panicking because your time to place is almost up when you haven't found it yet.
Now onwards to this tutorial! an example: you enter this part of the map from the left bottom.
Holy hell! whats this? Looks complicated! WAIT! A clue! "Go straight at crossroads". Sounds logical... Why go in a different direction if you aren't told to do that?
HELP! Which way do I go?
Let's try up! Oh wait... Aren't I turning left from my worm's point of view now? This must be the wrong way!!!
Will we find the right way? Find out!