Perhaps not the best way to depict this trick, which is why Dextah090 once again saved my arse by providing me with TWO AVIs, showing the trick (number one - number two).

Important for this trick is that before you start roping, face the direction of the wall you will do the chute trick on. In this case, I faced right with my worm when I shot the rope into the wall for the first time. Also note the wind before your turn starts. If the wind will blow you against the wall (in this case: wind to the right), be sure to have a high aim before you start roping. Otherwise you probably won't survive.

Now onward to the real trick. When you are hanging upside down, move
slowly towards the wall and release the rope just before hitting it. If you hit the wall too fast (meaning, horizontal movement: your speed downwards doesn't matter) your worm will face the wrong way in which case only good wind and a high aim can save you. When you hit the wall at the right speed, you will face the wall when the chute opens in which case you press space twice to get your rope in the wall.
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