Basically, you shoot the rope inside the wall, as in this pic, you bounce off the ground on the side where there is some (duh) and while you fly off to the other side, you release your rope and tada, you're falling down!.
If you release your rope after you get over the point you shot your rope in the wall... Well.... Let's just say that your death will be glorious. Release the rope too early, and you will skyrocket, after a while re-enter the earth's athmosphere, plummet back and if you're really unlucky, just slide off the edge, in which case not even a chute will save you (some extremely lucky exceptions excluded).
What's the use of this move you ask? Sometimes the rope juuuuuuust isn't long enough to get down to race on.
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This move sure takes a while to do... Cant we do it faster?