There is controversy about how to call this move (basically, this means everybody disagrees with me). I personally call this the DarkFanatic, but several ppl found this move on their own, and therefore most (almost everybody) will disagree with me about this. Matter of taste I guess then :)
The way you do this move is basically stand at the right distance from the edge, jump up and when you start to fall back down, shoot the rope.
it will cling onto that wall as you can see in the image.
Just after bouncing up from the floor again, release the rope. Make sure your worm hasn't gone over the wall yet when you release the rope, no surprise since you read it in the other inlaw page as well.
When you think you have gone low enough on the map, just shoot your rope and it will magically hit the wall and yay, you didn't drown!
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I do believe we can do more with this move