Welcome to another exciting episode of how to navigate through RR maps without making a fool out of yourself

Our adventure today will lead us to the reading of instructions on the map! Let's take a look at this work of art
Gee, Dark, you sure pick the most extreme maps, don't you? What better way to instruct people than showing the hardest ones? More examples to show! First on our list is to find the start. I will leave that up to you in this case.

Now on to the instructions. Yes, I know... You're getting bothered enough with reading already at school or at work, but I still advice to read it.
Crystal clear, dont you think?
"Always follow the arrows they're pointing to, and on the side they are", it reads
Let's just start with picking the first arrow in sight... Ah! There it is! Just next to the instructions. Since you paid such good attention, you must know which way to go now.
Indeed! Follow the arrow! If you are wondering which way to go at this crossroad, I suggest going back one step and find out how to RR correctly. Or just go to the next part to find out if you were thinking of the right way!
Which way will this worm go to? Click me!