Look at all those green lines... I have come so far! Give me a break and let me just drop to the finish here, ok?
The red line makes no exceptions! You are not done yet.
So if somebody doesn't go this way, you should send them over to this here page.
You probably know by now how the map is going to be finished, but this would be a lousy tutorial if it didnt show the entire solution to this witty creation, wouldn't it?
For those that didnt pay attention to the previous pictures (I know you're out there) the blue lines follow the arrows that direct you to the right path and the green line is the way your worm should go (of course you don't have to race in lines as straight as depicted here, but you get the idea)

Voilá! A once thought complicated map, explained and made easy, showing the true leetness of this map.

For those who still are a bit dazzled by the lots of info, most maps with instructions, only have instructions for one small part (pay special attention if the words skim or skip appear on the map!).
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